To get the most possible pleasure from our Tuscan dishes, they need to be served with good wine.

Our wines have been carefully chosen by our sommelier, bearing in mind the perfect match between food and drink for each specific dish from the menu. All this to give our guests the richest possible culinary experience.

Red wines
The Reds

The wines from the Frescobaldi family’s Castello di Nipozzano winery stand out among our finest. It’s said that the name ‘Nipozzano’ means with no well – which was meant to suggest that the area was very dry. The Castello di Nipozzano is located in the Chianti area, in the foothills running along the Arno river valley. This area is known for a vast range of aromatic and long-lived wines, such as Montesodi, Mormoreto, Nipozzano Vecchhie Viti, Nipozzano Riserva, and Nipozzano Grappa.
At Borgo Antico, you’ll also find the wines of Castelgiocondo, a Frescobaldi family winery located southwest of Montalcino, a fortified medieval town famous, among other things, for its reknown Brunello di Montalcino.

white wines
The Whites

In addition to Frescobaldi whites, our sommelier might suggest wines from other wineries: our wine list offers a vast selection of whites, reds and Brunelli to enhance the dishes of your choice.